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nature studio client story nature studio client story

Nature Studio

Nature Studio reached out to us practically with just a vision. A vision to deliver Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to their clients home.

Post our discussion with the client we concluded that the need was to establish Nature Studio as a brand synonymous with freshness.

Things we delivered to Nature Studio

Designing : As Nature Studio was entering the market for the first time, required was a complete designing package. We designed their logo, letterheads, visiting cards, packing bags and various posters and banners for branding. Here for obvious reasons the idea was to showcase Nature Studio’s quality of delivering freshness.

Setting up Google Business Account and Creation of Social Media accounts: Next in the queue to be addressed was Nature Studio’s social media and listings on google which were created while ensuring that it resonates the Fresh vibe of the brand. From designing each and every poster using apt colour pallets and using hard hitting writing for social media posts it all had to be carefully calibrated and created for providing a smooth launch to Nature Studio.

E-Commerce Website Creation: Nimble, Smooth and Soothing to the eye is how we would like to define the UI/UX we happen to design for Nature Studio. Add to this the magic created by our developers in the back end of the website and in the admin portal of the same. We were hence able to provide an e-commerce platform to Nature Studio which is not only a bliss for their customers to use and order from but it also enabled Nature Studio to manage their inventory and keep a track of their sales and customer data from the admin section of the website itself.

To sum it up it was fun working with Nature Studio and to help them to be able to deliver fresh and best.

Link to the website Nature Studio

colonies in conflict client story

Colonies In Conflict

On one fine day at work one of our colleagues broke the news to us that he is in talks with Elephant Corridor Films. Yes, Elephant Corridor Films - the same masters of documentary filmmaking which brought films like Miles To Go (2004), In God’s Own Country (2002) & Food? Health? Hope? (2000) to life. For obvious reasons we jumped on the opportunity and started further research and discussions about the project with their team.

Elephant Corridor Films was coming up with yet another documentary film titled Colonies in Conflict showcasing the plight of Wild Honey Bees who have been increasingly facing the brunt of decreasing forest covers and hence are being pushed towards extinction more and more with every passing pollination season. The movie envisioned to document the work which a lot of people had been actively doing towards saving Honey Bees and hence increase the involvement of citizens in the conservation process.

Back in the office we were jugging with the question - “how the website for a film should look, which in the near future is going to be a part of everybody's conversation.” After some interesting brainstorming sessions and quite a lot of coffee breaks we decided to listen to the voice of our heart and we designed the website of Colonies In Conflict to gracefully be the “Conversation Starter” of all the conversations that were about to follow.

Link to the website Colonies In Conflict

colonies in conflict client story

Swayambhu Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Swayambhu is a sanskrit word which means “self-manifested” or something that is “created by its own accord.” We were intrigued merely by hearing Swayambhu Innovative Solutions’ name and were excited to see what we had in store for us. As it turned out Swayambhu Innovative Solutions or SiS - as they like to call themselves in short - is an IIT Kanpur incubated startup which aims at making rural India self-sufficient for its energy, manure and bio-pesticide requirements through the means of community engagement. SiS has received support from UK Aid, SIDBI and India’s oldest social enterprise incubator Villgro.

Swayambhu founders wanted to launch their organization on the world wide web and they gave us the onus for achieving this task for them.

We put our best men to work on the project and with their open minds, notepads and pens in their hands they began discussions with Akansha, the founder of Svayambhu, about her and Sis’ journey. How did the ideation of Swayambhu happen, how did it come into existence and once Akansha decided to execute the idea who all stood by her side and believed in her were some of the questions we dolled up in front of her. As we went along listening to Swayambhu’s story and timelines in the organisation's journey we started getting more and more clear about what we wanted to achieve with this award winning NGO’s website.

Through the website we decided to paint the beautiful journey of genesis of this beautiful organisation on internet’s canvas. We portrayed the insights that we had and the knowledge that we gained through our journey of the project on their website so that anybody and everybody every corner of the world can get enlightened about how Svayambhu is transforming lives.

Link to the website Swayambhu Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.